Indexsoft configurator

Thank you for purchasing our program! Indexsoft configurator is a web based tool wich helps to create and update configuration files for perl applications. It can be used for your own or third party application. indexsoft configurator lets you to rid of headache and forget about text edit of configuration files.

indexsoft configurator creates configuration files in following style:

	$SMTPSERVER = q{localhost};
	$SMTPPORT = q{25};
	$SMTPAUTH = q{pop3};
	$POP3PASS = q{userpass};
	$POP3LOGIN = q{username};
	$PRIORITY[0] = q{low};
	$PRIORITY[1] = q{normal};
	$PRIORITY[2] = q{high};
	# or
	@PRIORITY = qw{low normal high};
	# or
	%PRIORITY = qw{low 4
	normal 3
	high 2};
	# or
	$PRIORITY{low} = q{4 (Low)};
	$PRIORITY{normal} = q{3 (Normal)};
	$PRIORITYq{high} = q{4 (High)};

Such files can be safety used in perl require function.